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Peter Marsh

Peter Marsh is a writer and lecturer on 21st century manufacturing. In recent years Peter has given talks on new opportunities in manufacturing in 16 countries including China, South Korea, Italy, the US, Germany, Qatar, Lithuania, South Africa, Turkey and Brazil.  His best known book is “The New Industrial Revolution: Consumers, Globalization and the End of Mass Production”, published by Yale University Press. In the past 30 years he has visited about 3,000 factories in 30 countries.

Peter is the founder of Made Here Now, a website on UK manufacturing aimed at increasing the number of young people considering technology and production as a career. Made Here Now has received praise for its innovative approach. It has been supported financially by about 70 organisations including manufacturers, financial groups and universities. The initiative  highlights success stories in UK industry and links these to education and jobs.

From 1983 to 2013 he worked as a journalist at the Financial Times,  most recently as manufacturing editor. Here he had responsibility for covering manufacturing around the world.

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Chinese car group bets its future on green taxis

In a cavernous plant on the outskirts of Coventry, a massive bet is being placed about the sort of vehicles that will be trundling around cities and along motorways over the next 30 years. The factory is the result of a £325m investment by a big Chinese automotive group and adds up to one of […]

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UK manufacturers plot new routes to innovation

Innovation in manufacturing is greatly prized. It can occur in a range of ways. The article focuses on the different strategies employed by five British manufacturers in varied industries to produce spectacular improvements in products or processes. The picture alongside this article provides an example of  innovation in action. It shows a virtual reality display […]

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3Cs point the route to success in 21st century industry

The 3Cs – code, collaboration and capability – are the keys to separating the winners and losers in global manufacturing. Code describes the software important in linking networks of products. Collaboration covers the relationships connecting companies with suppliers, developers and users. Capability encompasses employee skills. The 3Cs grabbed attention at the latest in a series […]

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